Grants for practice in the USA


A wealthy man is always easier. He can afford an expensive program in the University of the West (we are not talking about the fact that not every expensive program is quality), he is free to choose the country, university and apartments. Talent, resource constraints, difficult to find himself in the same classroom with a rich friend. To raise money, he reads newspapers and magazines in search of grants, cuts notes on them, composing a request, collect the recommendations of the scientific leaders in the evenings grinds English (French, German, and so on. D.) Enters the competition, fighting with hundreds thousands such people as he is. Finally he received a scholarship and going on the road, or go with nothing to try once more.
Here are two programs, which will help you to go to the USA, live and study there for several month.

1) The program of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies at George Mason University (USA) gives a chance to the talented writers and journalists supporting individual freedom, free markets, and peace, to do an internship in media companies and non-profit news departments. Previous interns have worked at companies such as 20/20, Orange county register, Reason TV, Fox News and many others.

Set different deadlines depending on the time of the beginning of the internship, which may be passed during the spring, summer or autumn. Accordingly, the deadlines for submission of documents – November 15, January 31 and 1st of July.

The scholarship is available experienced writers and journalists, passionate freedom. Journalism education is not required. Students of all areas, including politics and the economy, are eligible to participate. The program is open to undergraduate, graduate and recent graduates. Almost all internships are located in the United States, and all the American media require candidates to speak fluently and write in English. In addition, applicants must meet all the requirements for obtaining a visa.

Fellows granted a full scholarship in the amount of USD 3.200, and is carried out to cover all transportation costs. As part of the scholarship program goes 8-month internship in the newspaper, radio, media agencies or non-profit news organizations.

2) University of San Francisco provides scholarships to graduate students of humanities and technical sciences, and scholarships assistant teachers. The number of scholarships is limited, students are selected on the basis of academic merit.

University of San Francisco – scholarships for graduate students and stipends for teaching assistants in San Francisco
The decision on granting of scholarships shall be made at the time of consideration of documents for admission to the University, in addition to apply for a scholarship is not necessary (except for applying for the program of research Asia Pacific regions). If you receive a scholarship, you will send a notification, together with a letter of acceptance. Total: from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000.

Some programs offer scholarships to teachers assistants (including in the field of biology program, chemistry and literary skill).Departments of Biology and Chemistry offer scholarships fully cover tuition, almost all enrolled students. For students of the faculties of free training. Students use a proven and useful service “term paper writing services“. However, these scholarships are allocated only for training and do not cover accommodation, textbooks, medical insurance and other non-educational needs.

Also, biology and chemistry departments offer scholarships teacher assistant (benefit students who combine study with work teacher assistant) majority of graduate students, these scholarships to partially cover housing costs.

It is also possible sponsoring of graduate students in American universities, other organizations not affiliated with the University of San Francisco.
In addition, it’s not a new that each student dreams to get high education in the USA, so don’t lose your chance to be among lucky guys.
About Author: Kira Turner is a freelance writer, who creates papers about education and student life. She helps young people to find grants and to get free education in leading countries.