How Do Macs Get Viruses and How to Deal With That

One of top advantages of the Mac OS X is the myth that it is virus proof. But in fact, even the Mac OS X can get viruses, though not as often as Windows does. The reason is simple: there is no as much malware for Macs as for PCs, because there are still more Windows users in the world than Mac users. Besides, server versions of Windows run on thousands of network servers around the world whereas Mac computers are seldom used as servers. Besides, Mac malware is targeted not at OS vulnerabilities but rather at trustful users. Mac malware such as Mac Defender or Mac Protector is disguised as antivirus for Mac, offering functionality that is typical for an antivirus, such as system scans.


How to Protect Your Mac from Viruses?

The most reliable way of protecting your system against viruses is to regularly update it. You should also learn more about the Mac OS targeted software that claims to be an antivirus. In this article, we are going to discuss such software. It is called MacKeeper and it acts just as described above, so it is not surprising that lots of Mac users think that it is a virus. Even its name sounds similar to Mac Defender. However, if you have doubts about MacKeeper, here is good news for you: MacKeeper is NOT a virus. Actually, this software offers a lot more than just an antivirus. Besides, you can install the antivirus as a separate module of this software, so it is not installed together with the rest of the application.


What Is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a multifunctional system utility for Macs that won numerous awards and appraisals from renowned websites and experts. Besides, its Internet Security module was acknowledged as one of the most reliable ones by trusted sources such as VB100 and AV Comparatives. It also has its own security research center, learn more about it here: So, if you already installed MacKeeper, do not get scared – it is just an ordinary Mac maintenance application. In addition to protection from online threats, the software offers also offline protection, i.e. Anti-Theft, which tracks your Mac in case it gets lost or stolen. Other attention-worthy features include the following:

  1. Human Assistance (Human Inside). A very interesting form of tech support, where a real Apple Certified Support Professional analyzes the system scan results and suggests different ways to improve your Mac’s performance or make it more secure.
  2. Fast Cleanup.  Finds junk in various sources – system and user caches, logs, unused languages, etc. – and lets the user remove these useless files.
  3. Smart Uninstaller. Offers the correct way of application removal – together with all components, without any leftovers that may take up hard drive space.
  4. Duplicates Finder. Detects the accidentally copied files and lets you get rid of those copies.
  5. Data Encryptor. Lets you protect your sensitive data by making these files invisible on the hard drive.

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