How to Choose Good Topics for a University Research Paper?

An interesting and currently important topic can guarantee you 50% of your research paper success. Your research advisor may assign you some particular topic, but usually you get a chance to choose. However, the choice is not so easy to make. You need to ensure that the topic of your paper is narrow and precise, yet explored enough for you to be able to find material. Here are some guidelines that will help you select a captivating and easy-to-investigate topic.

Analyze the ideas

The first criteria you should use is whether or not the subject is interesting for you. In order to find out, ask yourself a few questions. What was the most interesting information I have learned at the class? Is there any problem or issue related to this information? Is this a current issue? Do I have a strong opinion on it? Can it be the main question of a research paper? If the answer is yes, what should the topic of my paper sound like? This way you need to choose three or four topics you may write your research paper on.

Check whether you are able to find enough information related to the topic

Read general information on each of your potential topics. Define the keywords that characterize each of them. Try to find some more material using these keywords try. Look it through and try to analyze. If you see that there are not many articles or books related to some of the topics, it means you can come across research difficulties.

Define the possible research question

Use the keywords to develop your research question. For example: Winston Churchill, policy, the World War II, end – we can transfer into “How did the external policy of Winston Churchill contribute to the end of World War II?”

Formulate a thesis statement

Transform your topic into a thesis statement. It should clearly explain what the purpose of your research is. A good statement will greatly help you throughout the whole process of writing, because it will be the main guide for you to follow.

Conduct research on the topic

The final step for choosing the topic of your research paper is looking for further information on the thesis statement. Examine similar researches, articles, books. Use their references to find more sources. In the end, evaluate each potential topic based on the amount of information you have found on it. Use your research question and check whether it can be answered with the available information.