The programs of Sidcot School


The programs of Sidcot School

• Elementary school (3-11 years)
Program Junior School – this is the first exposure of the child to the school, and Sidcot School approaches this with full responsibility, to encourage the child to stimulate his curiosity and to lay the basic skills that will help him in his future studies. This is achieved through:

  • well-designed curriculum;
  • beautiful school infrastructure;
  • small classes.

• High school (11-16 years)
Traditional school program is complemented by research projects, sports and artistic circles, as well as the study of special subjects – “Health and social work” – under the supervision of a mentor.

During the second year of study (Grade 7) in high school children to expect a trip to the Cotswold Water Park Camp, where in addition to academic skills students learn to work in a group, and develop leadership skills.

Education in the 10th grade is the most important time to make a decision about future career and the choice of subjects for further study.
All tenth graders can participate in the competition The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Every year the competition involved about 160 students. In grade 10, students can take part in the Bronze level competition, grow older, they will be able to move to silver and gold levels. Participation in such a prestigious competition will improve their resume when applying to the university, partner provides help for the winning student.

Program GCSE

GCSE program offers students training on a wide range of subjects. Students can choose 4 subjects for graduation exams. It is recommended to choose a versatile items such as geography, history, language and creative subject.

High school (17-18 years old), the program A-level and IB
For the last two years of training school offers a choice of 2 courses – International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) or A Levels.


Choosing IB program, high school students will learn more than 2 years and thoroughly study 6 core subjects to choose from the subjects of blocks representing different sciences. In addition to the core subjects taught students more creative, sports social sciences. To obtain a diploma of graduation, the student must successfully pass the tests on all parts of the program.

Annual training course for foreign students Pre A Level or Pre IB
During the training students receive in-depth knowledge of English, learn to use it in all situations. Upon completion of the course the student can receive an international certificate EFL Cambridge University and a high school diploma.
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