The Top Tips For Any Exam


  1. Remember you can’t do everything in one night. Instead of trying to swallow huge amounts of information during one of your nighters, try tackling each subject individually. It will, of course, work if you are not a fan of procrastinating.
  2. Try to mind map what you learnt. Use colorful pencils and coding for the practice. It’s kind of hypnotic and makes your mind draw parallels as you study. You can also fuel your learning routine by eating healthy breakfast. Do not forget to get some before an exam to stay focused and alert. Protein is important!
  3. Energy drinks are bad. Just remember that in case you want to boost your adrenaline level. Yes, they will make you alert for some time, but then you will cringe and crash and burn. Instead, refill your water tank and hydrate.
  4. If you set unrealistic goals, it is more likely to procrastinate. For example, if you say that you are going to read your history book, that may sound intimidating. One day, really? Try to be rational with your expectations. One chapter is more than enough to get you ready for this day.
  5. Get away from your desk if you can’t bear it anymore. Don’t force yourself to study if you are feel like a squeezed lemon. Give yourself a break, talk on the phone or get a breath of fresh air, just anything that can distract and refresh you.
  6. Keep negative people at bay. There will always be someone who is bragging and nagging about how they are going to fail and that no one helps them. Stay away from such people, especially on the examination day. They create panic and make people around them unnecessarily nervous.
  7. Think of something you know rather than something you don’t know. There is no use in feeling sorry you haven’t studied properly now you have exam going on. Instead, try to think of something positive, like that time when you stopped procrastinating and went to work.
  8. Don’t wait for an outside motivation or someone to help you. You may very well use sites like that is a perfect service for nailing writing assignments, but you should take matters in your own hands if you intend to pass your exam like pro. Another useful technique is imagining yourself in a classroom, talking to your teacher in a confident and relaxed manner. Now that you visualize your success you are more likely to win the race. Remember that you know a lot more than you did and can answer most of questions on the exam list. Do not shy away when the teacher asks of your opinion. Try to sound self-assured, but not rude, and rehearse pretty scenarios in your head. If you know your strengths, it will be easier for you to concentrate and keep talking.